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- Do you know the names of the different countries that make up the United Kingdom?
- What is the capital of each one?

Now, watch the video and find out about the United Kingdom:


Now do the following activities: 

 Match the words with their definitions:
(A choir, a symbol, an assembly, to export, to debate, a legend)
1. a group of people who sing together.
2. a place people gather for a common reason. a very old story.
4. a picture or sign that holds special meaning.
5. to transport to different countries. to discuss different views on a subject.
Select the correct answers to the questions:
1. Where are laws passed in the UK?
a) The Houses of Parliament.
b) Buckingham Palace
c) Westminster Abbey
2. The population of England is _______________.
a) 20 million.
b) 50 million.
c) 70 million.
3. English people are_______________.
a) rude
b) friendly
c) rich
4. Edinburgh is the capital city of ______________.
a) England
b) Scotland
c) UK
5. How long has Wales been a part of the UK?
a) 100 years
b) 200 years
c) Over 400 years
6. What is the name of the language spoken in Wales?
a) Cymraeg
b) Walesish
c) English
7. What is the capital city of Northern Ireland?
a) Cardiff
b) Dublin
c) Belfast
What is the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain?
Click on the following link to find the answer to this last question:


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