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Watch this video to find out about British pubs.

Before you watch, think about the following questions:
- Do you know your neighbours and the people who live in your local area?
- Where do people in your community go to meet up?
- Do you have a place you can go to socialise, play games, eat and drink?

Now, watch the video and then answer the following questions.
(We´ll correct the answers in class)


TASK 1. Decide which of the following statements are true or false:
1. Pubs have become very popular in recent years.
2. Pubs are places that people meet each other to gossip.
3. People can eat and drink in pubs.
4. All pubs are the same in terms of refreshment and entertainment.
5. Everyone in the UK drinks a lot of alcohol.
6. There aren´t any alcohol-related problems in the UK.

TASK 2. Select the correct answer for the following questions:
1) Where does the name ‘pub’ come from?
a. public house
b. public bar
c. people united brewery
2) How many pubs are there in the UK?
a. around 5.000
b. around 15.000
c. around 50.000
3) How are pubs different from cafés?
a. they are bigger
b. they serve alcohol
c. they are more expensive
4)Why did people drink beer instead of water?
a. It was cheaper
b. It had fewer germs than the water
c. It was colder than the water
5) What is darts?
a. a game where small arrows are thrown at a round target on a wall.
b. a running game where one player must catch other players.
c. a card game game where the winner ends up with the highest scoring cards.
6) In pubs you can buy _________.
a. alcoholic drinks
b. soft drinks
c. both alcoholic and soft drinks


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